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NADSA Webinar: Transportation in Adult Day Care: What if a Pain Point Became an Opportunity?

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
10:00 am11:00 am

Historically, transportation in the Adult Day Services industry is a significant pain point. Bus maintenance, routing and driver retention are all areas that require specialized knowledge in order to be successful. Outsourcing has its own difficulties, with operators unable to control the experience, the consistency of pickup times and even the availability of service.

Transportation is the first and last thing the member experiences each day. It is a formative part of the Adult Day experience and has a major impact on a center’s operation. Successfully managing this service can drive membership, increase utilization and grow revenue at the center. This presentation will discuss the key areas an operator needs to navigate in order to provide a first-rate and cost-effective transportation service.

The webinar is designed to be a “how-to” guide for the successful operation of a transportation service at an Adult Day Services program. The presentation will hit upon key areas of Operational Excellence: expense control and management; high customer satisfaction ratings; and business growth.

Learning Objectives

Vehicle Best Practices: The discussion of Vehicle Best Practices will include: procurement of vehicles – both new and used – from reputable vendors; how to determine the vehicle type to best fit the operation; and the importance of a solid preventative maintenance program to minimize costly repairs and time off the road.

Drivers: Once you have the right bus, you need the right driver. Transportation in Adult Day Services is a high-touch position – drivers provide door-to-door service, interact with families and caregivers, and are responsible for the safe delivery of a frail and vulnerable population. We will discuss the profile for a successful driver and best practices for recruitment and retention.

Routing and Marketing: Routing and marketing are strategic partners in adult day care. It is important to the expense side of the operation to route effectively and efficiently. At the same time, you can work your marketing strategies based on your transportation pick-up areas. Through a case study illustration, we will show the operator how to juggle routing and marketing to achieve growth in their business.

About the presenter: John Paravisini is the Director of Transportation at Active Day. John has over 20 years of transportation experience in a wide variety of transportation disciplines. He worked his way up in the industry from warehouse worker to driver to supervisor, and ultimately to business owner. This experience has given John a strong understanding of all aspects of the transportation business from fleet management to logistics to asset procurement.

John has been with Active Day for over eight years. As Director of Transportation, he successfully manages a fleet of over 300 vehicles transporting seniors and adults with special needs to close to 100 centers in 14 states every day. During his tenure at Active Day, John has created a best-in-class Standard Operating Procedure and Safety Program for their transportation line. In addition to rolling out the Active Day Way to new acquisitions and start-ups, John is focused on using technology to increase safety, drive cost efficiency and better the member and caregiver experience. His successful implementation of telematics across the fleet has had excellent operational results and has raised the bar in the industry.