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Media Highlights

Media Highlights

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Daily Caring
July 18, 2024

Daily Caring
July 11, 2024

Recruitment Partners (Study publised by NIH)
JULY 2024

A recent study by CDC found a possible connection between ground beef-associated salmonellosis and certain factors, such as socioeconomic factors of the community a person lives in, which may impact who gets sick. This finding underscores the importance of addressing disparities in food safety. The occurrence of outbreak illnesses increased in communities with lower socioeconomic factors.

By understanding why these disparities occur, interventions can be tailored to address specific needs for everyone involved in the food industry from farm to fork, ultimately improving safety and promoting better health outcomes for all.

Read the article/study by clicking on the title displayed above.

Good Day Sacramento segment featuring Susan DeMarois, CDA, and Chantell Albers f Triple 'R' Adult Day Program
JUNE 10, 2024

Daily Caring
MAY 15, 2024

California Healthline | By Angela Hart
MAY 14, 2024

Daily Caring
May 2, 2024

Daily Caring
MAY 1, 2024

McKnights Senior Living | By Kimberly Bonvissuto
April 30, 2024

EdSource | By Karen D'Souza
APR 10, 2024

Daily Caring
APR 8, 2024

Archstone Foundation | by Jasmine DeGuzman Lacsamana
MAR 13, 2024

Daily Caring
MAR 27, 2024

US News | By HealthDay
MAR 20, 2024