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Career Center Listing

Career Center

California Association for Adult Day Services

Career Center Listing Process

As a service to members of the California Association of Adult Day Services (CAADS) and the public, CAADS provides the opportunity to list career openings through the CAADS Career Center Service. (Formerly known as JobLine)

The following opportunities, listing requirements, and prices are effective through December 31, 2022:


Posted 30 days at under the "Career Center" tab.

A one-time Email / Fax to the entire CAADS membership, according to each member's preferred "Inform By" method.


To place a career listing, fill out the CAREER CENTER LISTING ORDER FORM FIELDS (See below) and submit it to CAADS.  We will respond with approval, and/or questions.

Listing Requirements:

  • Maximum Word Count is 150.
    The listing will not run until it complies with this requirement.
  • Text Must Include Contact Name & Address or Tel / Fax / Email.
    Enables interested persons to respond.
  • Listing & Payment Due in Advance.
    The listing will not run until text and payment in full is received by CAADS.  As mentioned above, to place a career listing, fill out the CAREER CENTER LISTING ORDER FORM (below) and submit it to CAADS. We will respond with approval, and/or questions.


By credit card - If you would like to pay by Debit or Credit Card, please download this CAREER CENTER LISTING PAYMENT FORM, complete and upload it in the space provided below or you FAX TO: (866) 725-3123

By check - MAIL CHECK TO: CAADS, 1107 9th Street, Suite 701, Sacramento, CA 95814-3610

CAADS must be notified of copy errors within five (5) working days of the date of first publication.
Compensation for publisher error will be only in the form of re-running the corrected ad, and will be mode only for errors that materially affect ad content.


  • Publication of listing does not imply any CAADS endorsement or guarantee.

CAADS reserves the right to reject any listing/advertisement at its own discretion which:

  1. Makes dishonest or misleading statements;

  2. Implies directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly, discrimination on the basis of race, creed, sex, heritage, or age;

  3. Is submitted by an advertiser whose appropriate licenses have been suspended or revoked because of fraud, negligence, unethical or gross misconduct, or violation of the law.


Placement Non Member CAADS Member
Posted 30 days at under the JobLine tab
$285 $130
By Email or Fax, as designated by each CAADS member
$185 $100
BOTH OPTIONS -- Best Value!
Web Site and Direct Distribution
$355 $180

Career Center Listing Order Form
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