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Let’s Get Back Together Safely

Your Voice Is Needed Now to Help

Pass our “Bridge to Recovery” Budget Ask!

CAADS has just learned that there could be a Senate and Assembly budget agreement announced as early as Wednesday of next week, so it is urgent to make calls now.

Calls from family members and friends of centers are important too. 

The deadline is Tuesday May 24! We urgently need a major push NOW to get the CAADS budget ask into the final budget 2-house agreement. 

When calling, it is critical to state your name and center affiliation, and that the caller is a constituent calling from the district. 

Use the Muster App by clicking here, or if you prefer to call on a landline, find your legislators and their contact information here:


Please include $61.4 million for the Bridge to Recovery 1-time grants in the budget agreement to help vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities recover from 2 years of isolation and get back to Community-Based Adult Services center-based care. These grants are modeled on childcare grants approved by the Legislature last year and will urgently help our centers create COVID safe spaces, strengthen infection controls, and address serious workforce challenges brought on by the pandemic. Help seniors stay safe and healthy in the community. Their lives depend on your support!