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We Did It!

Our “Bridge to Recovery” Budget Ask Passed!!

CAADS proposal to add $61.4 million in one-time funding for the Bridge to Recovery grant program is in the final state budget, signed by Governor Newsom on June 30, 2022.

The CAADS team in Sacramento worked intensely since January to promote this proposal. CAADS Members telling the story of how isolation resulting from COVID has impacted vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities who access care through Adult Day centers made a strong and lasting impression.

What would otherwise have simply been a proposal that stalled in one of the first budget subcommittees -- instead made it all the way through both houses to the final budget negotiations.

Our success shows what we can do when we use our voices together, to tell a compelling story. In 2020, CAADS members saved Adult Day services from being eliminated altogether in the state budget. Now, we have managed to secure $61.4 million in state funding to help us get back together safely in our centers, in the wake of a devastating ongoing public health crisis.

In the coming months, CDA will finalize the Bridge to Recovery grant program, and applications for funds will be accepted. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to start thinking about what your biggest challenges are in getting participants back in your center safely, and how you might apply. Staffing, transportation, ventilation upgrades and equipment, and supplies are among the needs that can be considered. More to come from CDA and CAADS.

CAADS will be building on this success and momentum for future advocacy since so many decisions at the state level impact Adult Day services. By getting in the habit of communicating regularly with our legislators and speaking with one voice, we only get stronger.

Today—we celebrate our victory!

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