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A little change can make a big impact.

Urgent Fund-Raising Appeal! 

Join the 2024-2025 Advocacy Campaign to
Contribute to Protect Access to CBAS

Our Goal: $500,000 - Pledge or Donate Today!

CAADS is rallying for your assistance to finance the RAISE OUR RATES Initiative to push for a Medi-Cal rate hike in the 2024-25 state budget.

Contributions will be used to back a major advocacy effort to increase the CBAS daily rate from $76.27 to $122 per individual each day to reflect the changes in inflation since 2009. This will involve a law to stop managed care plans from remitting below this published rate. We need your support to keep our CBAS centers open and functioning for families and participants throughout the state.

Join us in this plea for action to benefit everyone by achieving a lasting rate that will boost, stabilize, and help your programs succeed.

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Together we can!

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