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Utilizing Hybrid Technology to Re-open and Grow Your ADS Center Revenue

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
10:00 am11:00 am
Utilizing Hybrid Technology to Re-open and Grow Your ADS Center Revenue

Virtual Adult Day services has shown great promise in retaining membership and bringing cost-effective ADS operations to centers that are confronting staff shortage and closure. As re-opening is on the horizon in many states, centers are facing the irony that members will not return to the center 100%. The legacy of the pandemic for a hybrid model of “Virtual + Physical” deliveries is here to stay.

HealthJay, a NADSA Strategic Partner, is partnering with NADSA to offer the “Hybrid Tool Box” that supports virtual programming, virtual and physical attendance check-in, integrated activity scheduling and enrollment, and electronic validation of remote services.

Objectives of this session include:
• Overview of “why this is important.” HealthJay’s founders and center executives will talk about why Hybrid ADS is a demonstration of value-based services and how hybrid technology will benefit Adult Day centers.
• Highlight how Hybrid ADS sets the stage for Person-Centered Care that Adult Day stakeholders (CMS, MCOs and various Payers) use as a benchmark for reimbursement
• Answer: ‘What’s in it?” for providers and the Adult Day Service Sector. How will the Hybrid Tool Box be a “Revenue Generator” instead of “Another Tech” that costs money.
• Explanation of how Hybrid models, by using data collection, is the pathway for real revenue growth and membership sustainability after many immediate fixes of using virtual programming during the pandemic.
• Operationalize a dual model of Adult Day service delivery by having a data collection and management platform.
• Learn about the Hybrid Checklist that ADS center executives should know as we plan for re-opening.

About the presenter: Rosita Wong is the Co-Founder and CEO of HealthJay Inc. HealthJay brings Hybrid Solutions to non-tech-savvy clients and the care workforce with its “Zero-Barrier” Suite of Apps. The company’s integrated solutions have been adopted by organizations in the Adult Day, Home Health, and Senior Living communities. Schedule a demo with HealthJay at (se link below)