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CAADS Webinar: Managing Your Team – Making Crucial Conversations Comfortable

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
10:30 am12:00 pm


Please join me, Anne Laguzza, as I discuss one of the most common situations I coach leaders through when it comes to having these uncomfortable conversations with their team.

Leaders tell me they know they need to have these conversations; know they have been procrastinating the conversations; they know they will feel better after having the conversations.

So why don't they do what they know they need to do when they need to do it? The answer is - leaders do not know how. And once they learn the skills, the strategies, and the tactics to make the best of these situations, the crucial conversations become more comfortable. Having these skills leads to more confidence as a leader.

During this webinar, you will learn:
• How to build courage to have crucial conversations
• How to use crucial conversations to boost employee performance
• How to communicate in a way that is not adversarial but cooperative

Additionally you will:
• Know when the best time to have a crucial conversation is to create the best outcome
• Know what components make up a crucial conversation
• Know why having these conversations is difficult before it gets easy

I'm really excited to share this training as part of my mission to help leaders love, listen, and lead their people in an authentic, meaningful, and productive way.

PRESENTER – Anne L. Laguzza, MA, The Works Consulting
Anne Laguzza is the President of The Works Consulting. As a seasoned business executive with human resources management, leadership development, and performance coaching experience, Anne works with clients from a variety of industries to develop better systems, maximize employee productivity, and enable management to focus on business growth.

Prior to founding The Works Consulting in 2001, Anne served as the Regional Human Resources Director for a Fortune 500 distribution company where she led a merger transition team and was responsible for strategic planning, implementing new policies and procedures, workforce restructuring, compensation structures, and integrating the work cultures for over 600 employees.

In addition, Anne was formerly the Human Resources and Training Director for a start-up entertainment company where she organized and implemented a company-wide change management program that involved new company direction and strategic planning.

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